The worst pain

I can remember the first time I held him…my eyes filled with tears of joy.  From that moment on my life changed.  He was the only thing that mattered.  He was my whole world.

I can remember the last time I held him…my eyes filled with tears of pain.  Once again my life has changed.  Nothing matters now.  He was my whole world..and now my world has shattered.



My Reason


I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.  It was and always will be the very best day of my life.  It wasn’t till the first time I held you that I realized that everything I once knew was gone.  From that day forward all I ever thought about was how to make life better for you.  Your father felt the same way.  We both decided on careers as first responders.  We dedicated are lives to saving the lives of others.  Your father a fireman..and myself..a paramedic.
I encouraged you to be yourself.  To never let anyone sway your beliefs.  Tell the truth, love openly, and never be afraid to show emotion.  You were such a good smart and strong. I was a good mother and your father, he was great as well.


You were everything to me..I did anything to make you happy.  It was eventually that that stole you away.  Now your gone and I’m lost without you.  All we can do is remember..remember the very best thing that ever happened to me.. you were very special.. MY REASON!! I LOVE YOU KEENAN REST IN PEACE